Research and Recording Committee

The Research and Recording Committee comprises Trustees, including the chair of the Conservation Committee, the Conservation Officer, and some of our research and recording volunteers. The role of the Committee is to

  • Recommend to Trustees the DGT’s research and recording strategy, priorities and plan for the forthcoming five years.
  • In liaison with the Conservation Committee identify sites for research and recording, particularly those at risk, and determine the research and recording programme.
  • Direct and support the research and recording team volunteers.
  • Provide and manage research and recording training.
  • Maintain the DGT library and archives.
  • Respond to research and information requests.
  • Ensure the tree recording activity is integrated with all other research and recording.
  • Identify subjects for publication (Journal and monographs), liaising with the Journal and Newsletter editor(s).
  • Contribute to the online database of parks, gardens and cemeteries in Devon.
  • Recommend to Trustees the annual budget for Research and Recording. 
  • Recommend to Trustees the appointment of any consultant if necessary.