Conservation Committee

The Trust's conservation work is undertaken by a Conservation Officer and the Conservation Committee. They can offer advice to owners and managers of designed landscapes, drawing on their knowledge and expertise as well as being able to call on others' experience. The Conservation Officer is an experienced historic landscape consultant, who has considerable knowledge of the county's historic designed landscapes and their setting. The Conservation Committee comprises members with a wealth of expertise and experience in the heritage sector, historic designed landscape research, professional horticulture and planning. The Committee monitors conservation matters in the county, supports the Conservation Officer, and makes recommendations, including on grants, to the Trust's Council of Management. The role of the Trust's Conservation Committee is to

  • advise Trustees on conservation and planning matters
  • respond on planning consultations on behalf of the Trust and on behalf of the Gardens Trust, the staturory consultee for sites on the Historic England Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England, liaising Historic England, local authorities and others as appropriate
  • advise owners, managers and local authorities as and when required
  • consider grant applications for conservation projects and make recommendations to the Trustees
  • commission reports on sites as necessary in liaison with the Research Committee. 
  • liaise closely with the Research Committee on specific needs for research and recording particularly sites which might be under threat for some reason
  • liaise with the Research Committee on at risk sites and potential applications to Historic England for listing or amendments to the Register and recommend to the Trustees
  • determine sites to be added to the local list of sites of special historic interest in Devon.

The Committee aims to meet two to four times a year, although members of the Committee will meet as and when necessary on specific issues.

The Conservation Committee welcomes comments, enquiries or suggestions  about any of the county's historic gardens,  particularly if they are under threat in any way. If you wish to contact us or are interested in the work of the Conservation Committee please contact [email protected]