Devon Garden Trust reviewed and published the Trust's strategy in 2018. This built on what had been achieved over the previous thirty years and sought to focus activity to make best use of the Trust’s resources to promote and protect Devon’s designed landscape heritage for future generations. Underlying the strategy is the aim of ensuring the charity’s ongoing good governance and financial management to deliver its charitable objectives. Trustees will keep the strategy under review and adjust according to circumstances.

The Trust has five interdependent strategic objectives each with specific goals with detailed actions that vary from year to year.

Protect the county’s designed landscape heritage specifically that which might be at risk.

  • Work with planners to ensure DGT is consulted on all planning issues affecting historic designed landscapes in the county to protect them from inappropriate development.
  • Work with owners, managers and community groups by providing advice, facilitating contacts, potentially developing a network of gardeners working in the county’s historic landscapes.
  • Provide financial support to conservation projects in support of larger funding bids and/or to leverage other funding.
  • Explore the potential of engaging DGT members and others in practical ‘restoration support’ for a conservation project.
  • Propose sites to Historic England for inclusion on the Register particularly where they may be at risk.

Ensure that there is a body of knowledge on the historic designed landscapes in the county.

  • Continue and expand research and recording, prioritizing sites at risk, under-researched, or currently omitted from both the DGT Local List and Historic England Register.
  • Publish research reports on the Trust's website and via the Historic Environment Record.
  • Increase the number of trees recorded (at least 50 per year).
  • Look to maintaining a digital record of DGT’s knowledge base.
  • Promote awareness and increase understanding of Devon’s historic designed landscapes through the DGT Journal and other publications. 

Promote understanding of the county’s designed landscape heritage and the role of DGT.

  • Be proactive and strategic in promoting understanding of the importance of the designed landscape heritage to key groups.
  • Be proactive in promoting DGT and its role in protecting Devon’s designed landscape heritage – e.g. through DGT website, leaflet, display, social media, talks to other organization
  • Liaise with other organizations
  • Continue to develop links with other like-minded organizations, links with students, gardeners, head gardeners and estate owners/managers, seek to engage and utilize the expertise and experience of DGT members and others in support of DGT’s education and conservation activities.

Promote and support education (primary, secondary and tertiary), life-long learning and continuing professional development in historic designed landscapes.

  • Support Growing Devon Schools Partnership to deliver a programme to encourage and support teachers to include horticulture in the curriculum.
  • Seek where possible to promote the importance of education and careers in historic designed landscapes. 
  • Seek to increase understanding of designed landscape heritage through life-long learning and continuing professional development.
  • Provide grants to individuals or projects which further the study of historic designed landscapes or the knowledge and experience of those working in Devon’s historic designed landscapes. 

Value our volunteers and members

  • Deliver a programme of activities that increases their understanding, enjoyment of and engagement with Devon’s designed landscape heritage.
  • Make effective use of their knowledge, expertise and experience.
  • Provide training to enhance their understanding and enjoyment.
  • Communicate with our members regularly on DGT activities and other relevant matters of interest.