About us

Some intro text can go here. The Devon Gardens Trust has established a local register to help owners and local authorities to protect less well known examples and to support those who care for them. All the work of the Trust depends on the goodwill of owners and can only be undertaken by invitation.

Members are informed about garden history discoveries and developments at local and national levels. There are group visits to gardens, and social events with expert speakers. Opportunities are given to become involved in recording gardens, parks and trees, conservation and research work, and projects supporting young gardeners – from school children learning about plants and the environment, to supporting horticultural students during their training, to advising new and inexperienced owners of important gardens or garden features. 

  • History

    The Devon Gardens Trust was launched on 22nd April 1988 at Bicton Park.
  • Strategic Direction

    The Trust has set out five strategic objectives each with key actions.
  • Management

    Members of the Trust elect Trustees who together form the Council of Management which manages the affairs of the Trust.
  • Talks & Speakers

    A number of members of Devon Gardens Trust are available to give talks on the work of the Trust, on a wide range of topics on garden history and on horticulture. Some may also lead garden tours.
  • Publications

    Devon Gardens Trust has published a number of books mostly by Trust members and publishes a Journal biannually.
  • Grants

    The Trust awards both Conservation and Education grants, to organizations for projects and to individuals, for example educational bursaries.
  • Conservation & Planning

    The Trust seeks to work with, advise and support garden owners, managers and local authorities on planning and other issues that affect our historic designed landscapes.
  • Parks & Gardens

    One of the Trust’s main aims is to ensure that there is a body of knowledge about the designed landscapes of the county in order to inform the Conservation and Planning work. A number of volunteers are involved in researching, recording and documenting these important designed landscapes.