Registered Sites in Devon

Nationwide, there are over 1650 sites on the Historic England Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England (click here to access the Historic England website), assessed to be of national importance. The Register is part of the National Heritage List for England. In Devon there are 56 sites included in the Register: 

  • 5 at Grade I, being of 'exceptional importance'
  • 15 at Grade II*, which indicates that the site is 'particularly important, of more than special interest'
  • 36 at Grade II of 'special interest, warranting every effort to preserve [it].'

From time to time the Trust may consider that a site currently on the Devon Local List is of sufficient merit to make an application to Historic England to have the site added to Register. The Trust may also be consulted on any proposed changes to the Register, for example to amendments to the registered boundary.

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