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Devon Gardens Trust is devoted to the preservation and enhancement of gardens in the UK county of Devon

DGT Journal

DGT Journal issue 3Journal - Issue 3
July 2013


Jekyll Borders for Devon - Carolyn Keep
Garden Women in Devon - Clare Greener
Mr Seale's Woods: The Eighteenth Century Landscape of Mount Boone, Dartmouth - Josephine Brown
A Stroll into the Eighteenth Century Around a Ladies Walk - Helen Whitmore
Interpreting Historic Maps - Brian Carpenter and Irene Andrews
Retrogressive Map Analysis - Adam Wainwright
Pontey's: An Introduction to a Plymouth Nursery - Clare Greener
The Beginning and the End of Lucombe, Pince & Co. - Trevor Wood
The Victorian Glasshouse and the work of Messenger and Co. in Devon - Caroline Garrett
Grounds for Learning - Joy Williams
Educating Schoolchildren at RHS Garden Rosemoor - Sarah Chesters
Book Reviews

DGT Journal 2Journal - Issue 2
September 2009


Jekyll in Devon? - Carolyn Keep (download here)
Home From Home? Bothy Living in Nineteenth-Century Gardens - Clare Greener (download here)
The Coombe Royal Citrus Wall and the Outdoor Cultivation of Oranges in Devon - Helen Langley (download here)
Coombe Royal Citrus Wall Report - John Clark and Malcolm West (download here)
'A Valley of Delight': an Introduction to the Garden at Lower Coombe Royal - Susi Batty (download here)
Hannaford House: a Garden Divided - Fiona Senior (download here)
A Devon Garden and the Lady from Kew - Joy Etherington (download here)
Walter Cave, FRlBA and his Two Gardens - Judith Patrick (download here)
Mr. Gilpin's Wiggles: the Nineteenth-Century Parkland at Bicton - Kim Auston (download here
Genteel Promenading, Fountains and Fireworks: Development of Torquay's Parks - Paula Courts (download here)
Great Expectations: Approaches to Exmoor Country Houses - Rob Wilson-North (download here)
The Lost Landscape of Tapeley Park - Rosemary Lauder (download here)
Devon Rural Archive: a New Research Resource - Abigail Gray (download here)
Resources for Garden History Research - Clare Greener & Susi Batty


DGT Journal 1

Journal - Issue 1
September 2008


Garden Recording by Devon Gardens Trust - Mary Clarke and Carolyn Keep (download here)
Garden Information from Sale Catalogues - Carolyn Keep (download here)
The NCCPG in Devon - John Carter (download here)
Another Brick in the Wall? Restoration or Decay: The State of Walled Gardens in Devon Today - Kim Auston (download here)
The 'Industrious Poor': Nineteenth Century Devon Allotment Gardeners - Clare Greener (download here)
Rousdon - John Clark (download here)
An Examination of the Gardens at Langdon Court - Susi Batty (download here)
Stone Lane Gardens - Paul Bartlett (download here)
Brunel's Hidden Kingdom - Geoffrey Tudor (download here)
The Great Fulford Landscape - Shirley Tamblyn (download here)
A Memorable Place - Wendy Shaw (download here)
Devon Bath Houses in Context - Peggie Upham (download here)
Plaz Metaxu - Susi Batty (download here)
Reviews, Book Notes and Cuttings (download here)

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